Pipo, my imaginary friend

Every child’s imaginary friend.
Pipo is every child’s imaginary friend. His wandering spirit and willingness to play, take him to children that need his help. Wherever in the world his friends are, Pipo takes them through fantastic adventures to help them solve their problems.

About the show

– FIRST 13 X 4′
– SECOND 26 X 6′
• AUDIENCE: 4 to 6
• PARTNERS: La Mar Media, Vueltacanela, Cantoalegre, Señal Colombia.
• Broadcasted by Señal Colombia and Netflix Latam.

Winner of the Colombian Ministry of Culture’s stimulus fund, from 2012
Winner of the India Catalina Award for Best Music for TV in 2015
Winner of the Divercine Uruguay Children’s Public Award in 2014
Finalist Prix at Jeneusse international 2016
Finalist at Comkids 2015
Finalist at Fan Chile 2015