Egon and Finx

Only Darkness can lead you to the light.

This is the story of Egon, a smart 11-year-old photosensitive detective and his sidekick Finx, a crazy sphynx cat that only has one life left. Together they solve mysteries that happen in an amusement park which in the daytime appears normal, but at night becomes truly scary. These two friends spend their nights investigating the spooky events going on by interviewing the larger-than-life suspects and following the trails and clues left by them. By going against the clock, facing inexplicable happenings and having to overcome their fears, Egon and Finx manage to solve the strangest mystery cases before dawn.

About the show

• FORMAT: 52 X 11′ (In development)
• AUDIENCE: 6 to 11
• GENRE: Comedy mystery
• PARTNERS: La Mar Media, Areavisual