Ana the Pirate

Above all else, be yourself! That’s the good pirate deal.

This is the story of a young girl named Ana who is a pirate and the captain of a crew of friends. Ana turns «do-gooding» into a daily adventure. Descending from a famous rebel pirate, Ana is a natural rule «bender» dedicated to changing expectations, rewriting boring traditions and empowering everyone around her. In short, Ana is a pirate captain for good.

About the show

• SERIES: 5X6′ (Second Season in development)
• AUDIENCE: 6 to 8
• GENRE: Adventure comedy
• TECHNIQUE: New development for 3D
• PARTNERS: La Mar Media & Areavisual
• Broadcasted by Señal Colombia and Discovery Kids

Winner of the Colombian Ministry of Culture’s stimulus fund, from 2014
Finalist at Prix Jeneusse international 2016
Finalist at Comkids 2015

Finalist at Fan Chile 2015